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First Ever Scrapbook Page

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am NOT a scrapbooker. I repeat, I am not a scrapbooker (as I'm sure you can tell by the photo!). UGH! This was a hard challenge for me but that's what makes it a challenge, I guess. This is for the Studio G challenge on PCP (great prizes!). We had to make a scrapbook page using Studio G stamps. Using the SG stamps wasn't challenging, it was just figuring out what to do with all that space. So this is my lame attempt at my first (and last) scrapbook page! BTW, the photos will go where the two dark blue squares are - I didn't really want to splash photos of me in my swimsuit on the Internet!

There are TWO great prizes up for grabs this month so be sure to enter. One prize is for the most SG stamps used. I used 14 stamps on this page! Even if scrapbooking isn't your thing, head on over to see what the next challenge will be. They usually focus on card making and are super fun!


Sandie said...

LOL @ the 'first (and last)'.. I had the opposite problem when I started doing cards.. I couldn't think that SMALL, as I had been scrapbooking for over 2yrs!

Great layout, and great use of your Studio G's!

J•me said...

What a great layout! Awesome work!