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Deer Stationery for a Dear Friend

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My closest friend still loves to write letters...REAL I made her this stationery set that features deer stamps because she also loves hunting. This is the front cover of the stationery set that closes with a ribbon.

This is a close up of the name plate that I put on the front. Nothing too exciting but it took me FOREVER to line up everything (thank heavens her name is short!) so I'm showing a close up of it!

This is what the set looks like when you open it.

And here is a sheet of the stationery and one of the envelopes. I just used regular mailing envelopes and stamped a design in the corner so they would coordinate with the stationery.

Finally, I adhered a loop of coordinating ribbon in between the envelopes and the stationery and used it to attach a pen. I found some clear pens that are hollow so I rolled up a piece of brown paper and inserted it in the pen so even the pen matches!

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Bev said...

This is such a wonderful gift - amazing work!! Be vx